Anupam Krishnamurthy

How this website was born

Nov 2021

For the longest time, my online creations were scattered across websites that I did not own. When I started a new career in a web-development firm in August 2021, it nudged me to learn HTML and CSS. I finally created this website both as a learning project and to give all my creations a singular address.

I adopted a few principles to create this website.

  1. To create it from scratch, rather than using templates.
  2. To use only vanilla HTML and CSS, without web frameworks.
  3. To employ a minimal design. No frills.

With these principles in mind, I trawled the web for inspiration and chanced upon Ivan Echeverria's website. I was baffled to find how his site embodied my principles better than I could have imagined on my own. The striking similarities between his site and mine are no-coincidence. Thank you, Ivan. Until I progress enough to find my own style, your website has a doppelgänger.

The inspiration to create a site of my own mainly came from Derek Sivers, whose work I have followed for years now. I acted upon his advice to study Head First HTML and CSS, which gave me all the skills I needed to build this site out. Thank you, Derek.

It took a total of about 26 hours of work to ship the first version of this website. Its source is public.

This site now feels like my own little home within the vast portals of the World Wide Web. Thank you for stopping by.