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What I am doing now

Contract testing

At work, we continue to use Wiremock to reduce our exposure to an external API. I spoke about this here.

Quality team reorg

We are redefining our quality strategy and organizing our quality teams along the principles of Team Topologies. Exciting times ahead.

Java basics

Java is pervasive in the tools I use for testing. So I've run out of reasons to procrastinate learning this language.


One year back, I attended a 10-day course, which I wrote about. This year, I served as a volunteer on such a course. As a team of 14, we cooked and served meals for 140 people. We also managed around 4 hours of meditation everyday. It was an enriching experience to meet and work with other fellow meditators. It has reinvigourated my daily meditation practice.


I recently read True Purpose by Tim Kelley. The book took me by storm and promises to transform my life. If you are in search of a clearer life purpose, I cannot recommend it enough.

I have been reading a lot of Swami Vivekananda lately. His is a spiritual voice that resonates with me deeply.


2024 is a year of running for me. Have enrolled for the Berlin half marathon in April and for the full marathon in September. I'm using the 80/20 method for my training.

India trip

My recent trip to India was transformational. After having spent 7 years abroad, I am reexamining my own country with a fresh pair of eyes. What I see has shifted something within me. What I most admire is how so many Indians, despite having far less privilege than me, meet their life's challenges with utmost grace. During this trip, I fell in love with my country all over again.

Updated on 17 March, 2024.