Anupam Krishnamurthy

My sillhouete with Berlin's Tiergarten in the backdrop

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What I am doing now

KIT (Keep In Touch)

My next project is to build a simple web tool that will help me stay in touch with people. If I have fallen out of touch with somebody, the tool will remind me to get back in touch. Watch this space for updates.


Next on my agenda at work is to explore Karate DSL, a nifty API test framework (sorry - this isn't about the martial art 🥋). I also want to harness the framework's ability to perform Contract Testing by using API test doubles.


I have started playing some friendly football here in Berlin (admittedly 'Lazy and Lousy' football). I look forward to it every week!

I sustain 2 yoga sessions a week, where I sense slow, but significant progress. Yoga is a sport that is entirely intrinsic. It is also minimal to the extreme. Yoga is an internal battle against one's own mind and body. To practice it, you need merely a mind and a body.

Long Now Foundation

I have recently become a member of the Long Now Foundation - an organization that fosters long-term thinking. How long-term? For the next 10,000 years. That's right - it's long-term all the way down. I am pretty kicked

Updated on 02 July, 2022.