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What is it for?

Hi, I am Anupam. I have worked as an RPA developer for 4 years and currently work as a quality assurance engineer at a web-development firm.

In early 2021, I was recognized as a UiPath MVP for my contributions to the RPA community. Descriptify is the umbrella under which I collect and share these contributions.

Given my recent switch to a quality assurance role, Descriptify will now lay a focus on:

Who is it for?

Within the RPA community, I sensed a gap for knowledge on how to build enterprise automation in a manner that is clean, stable and sustainable. If you are an RPA professional who cares about this as well, this portal is meant for you.

Further, I also sensed a gap for material that was high in quality and respectful of the time and attention of its audience. Descriptify is my humble attempt at filling this gap.


Updated on 15 March, 2022.