Anupam Krishnamurthy

Me wearing a grey t-shirt and smiling in front of the Pantheon in Rome

I grew up in Bangalore and currently live in Berlin, Germany. This website houses my select creations on the World Wide Web.

I am a manager turned software developer. I currently work as a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) - a developer who mostly writes automated tests. Given my background, I often stray into engineering management or management consulting.

I use the following 4 principles to choose what I work on:
  1. Improve ahead of innovate - explore the vast, but overlooked potential in improving existing constructs rather than adding new ones
  2. Subtract ahead of add - improve by subtracting rather than by adding
  3. Focus on crises ahead of utopias - diminish suffering rather than maximize pleasure
  4. Tackle neglected problems ahead of crowded problems - if somebody else is already solving a problem, thank them and move on

You can write to me at or find me on Linkedin. Send me a bug or two from this website to embarass me.


The design of this website is copied from heavily inspired by Ivan Echeverria's website. Its source is public.

You can read about how this website got started here. The good photographs on the site are my wife, Malavika's work (I am solely to blame for the bad ones).